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Letter to Unitholders/Annual Report

PAA Proxy Statement (2021 Annual Meeting) Click here to Download
Plains All American’s letter to unitholders and our Annual Report on Form 10-K are available below. To view the letter to unitholders, please click on the image to the left. To view the various sections of the 10-K, please click on the link(s) opposite the cover. Hard copies of our Annual Report on Form 10-K are available to investors free of charge (via first class mail) and can be requested by contacting Investor Relations at 1-866-809-1291
  2020 10-K
  2019 10-K

2018 10-K

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2016 10-K

2015 10-K

2014 10-K

2013 10-K

2012 10-K

2011 10-K

2010 10-K

2009 10-K

2008 10-K

2007 Annual Report 2007 10-K

2006 Annual Report 2006 10-K

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2004 Annual Report 2004 10-K

2003 Annual Report 2003 10-K

2002 Annual Report 2002 10-K

1998-2001: To view the Letter to Unitholders, operational overview and segment information, please click on the annual report cover. You may find the 10-K portion of our annual report for these years by visiting the SEC Filings page of our website (found under Investor Relations).
2001 Annual Report 2000 Annual Report
1999 Annual Report 1998 Annual Report
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